Finding the Holy Spirit through humility

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 3, 2010

I’ve attended many religious services at churches of all denominations. Some were very spiritual, while others lacked the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday night, I conducted, as I have for the past two years, a Bible sharing group at the St. John Parish Correctional Center. There are approximately 45 inmates who volunteer to attend. The meeting opens with a prayer and then three inmates sing Christian songs. Five other inmates volunteer to read a scripture of their choice, followed by Danny Louque and me sharing for a few minutes.

This week, I brought a water basin, pitcher and towels and read about the Last Supper and the washing of the apostles’ feet in John, Chapter 13. I then said that I would wash the feet of anyone who was willing to humble himself and, in the process, I would be humbled. If Jesus did it, who am I not to follow His example.

What happened in the next 30 minutes could only have been directed by the Holy Spirit.

After I washed the feet of the first man, he wanted to wash Danny Louque’s feet. One of the inmates that I picked on the most in the last year wanted to wash my feet. One by one, over 30 inmates got out of their seats, had their feet washed and then washed the feet of the next person.

As I said earlier, I’ve attended many churches and witnessed hundreds of religious ceremonies, but nothing compares to the spirit that I witnessed Wednesday night at the St. John Correctional Center.

The Bible describes the Holy Spirit’s actions as the wind. You don’t know where it started and can’t predict the direction it will take.

What a night! I believe that lives were changed, and I’ll never know who they were. Only God can give the increase after someone plants the seed and it’s watered.

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