Published 12:00 am Friday, March 19, 2010

By Tasha Atwood


RESERVE – Riverside Academy danced the night away at the second annual Arts Festival, which had the theme “Adelante” or “ahead.”

Paying respect to the Hispanic culture, during the week all the grades and clubs were hard at work on their art projects, culinary creations and performances for the festival. The projects ranged from guitars made from shoeboxes, hand painted fans, paper mache piñatas and maracas. Students also teased the taste buds, with tacos, nachos and crawfish enchiladas over angel hair pasta prepared for the event.

As the performances started, people crowded the stage to watch the unique and enthusiastic style of all the grades. The kindergarteners put on helmets with horns and roller skates to perform the famous running of the bulls. The first-graders pulled out little guitars and sang along with “LaBamba,” and second-graders performed a Mexican hat dance in the crowd.

With all the artwork hanging from the trees and rafters, they still had time to participate in several contests. The fourth-graders used their imagination to see what they could do with tortillas and taco shells. A chili cook off and Spanish metal work rounded out the night’s entertainment.

Vice Principal Rhonda Perkins said, “This year’s festival is much more elaborate with more entertainment and food. This festival is held for the children to appreciate the love of beauty of many different cultures.” Perkins said she already has suggestions for next year’s event.