Don’t put off visiting old friends

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As I was pumping gas last Thursday, I didn’t realize that the man on the other side of the pump was Mr. Etienne Trepagnier.

“Trep,” as he is called, has been my friend for over 50 years. We chatted for a few minutes, and in closing I said, “For 10 years, I’ve been telling you I’m going to stop at your house and have coffee.” He said, “You’ve been telling me that and you never stop.” “I’ll be there tomorrow morning at 9,” I continued. “I’ll be waiting for you,” he said as he left.

Friday, I had the pleasure of visiting my friend and his wife, Lorraine. While there, I thought, “Why do people put off doing things they should do, like visiting friends?”

Mrs. Trepagnier made coffee and apologized before serving it because she thought it might be too

weak. It was just right, and I told her so.

We talked about Reserve High School football and Mr. Trepagnier’s relationship with my uncle, Coach Joe Keller. We also talked about politics and about our friends.

I found out that Mrs. Trepagnier was from Thibodaux. “How did you meet her?” I asked. “Her brother and I used to go to dances together, and one weekend he invited me to Thibodaux. I knew I was going to marry her when I first met her,” Mr. Trepagnier replied.

As we sat at the kitchen table,

I told Mrs. Trepagnier that her

gray hair was pretty. I love gray hair. I told her that she was a very pretty lady. “That’s why I married her,” said Mr. Trepagnier with a smile.

During my visit, I learned that my friend served in World War II fighting in Europe. “I was married only two months when I got drafted,” he said. The Trepagniers, who have been married for 68 years, have two children, Dale and Pam, and four grandchildren.

We looked at pictures and talked about old times. It was as pleasant a visit as I’ve ever had with two lovely people whom God has blessed abundantly.

As I was leaving, Mr. Trepagnier told me that Allen St. Pierre would visit him occasionally, but he hasn’t seen him in a long time. “I promise I’ll pick him up one day and bring him here,” I replied. Mrs. Trepagnier said, “Call me the day before and I’ll make a pineapple cake.” That sealed the deal for me to visit again.

I thank God for the Trepagniers’ friendship.

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