Leaders need to look back to salvage future

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 27, 2010

America was once a land known for hard work and unyielding determination. Decades of prosperity, however, have turned us into a society based on instant gratification and unabashed consumerism.

Unfortunately, many of the seeds sown in the past have now borne their sour fruit, and many Americans are facing harder times than they have ever known before. This is true on almost every level, from the individual household to the upper echelons of the federal government.

As Louisiana prepares to enter another budget year, many difficult decisions will have to be made.

Cuts will inevitably have to happen, and those will likely face opposition from any number of sources.

But when state Treasurer John Kennedy spoke to the River Region Chamber of Commerce members Thursday, he made a good point. Balancing the state budget is much like balancing a family budget. Some things are necessary, and some aren’t. We must eat, but we don’t have to eat steak.

We constantly seek fresh ideas and new strategies, but sometimes the best solutions have been there all along.

Looking to the past may be the only way to salvage the future.