Blue Dog and day after big game

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are you a Drew Brees fan? How ‘bout a fan of George Rodrigue and his Blue Dog? Do you want to help your community?

Yes? Then read on.

The St. John United Way is selling chances to win a 26-inch by 42-inch Drew Brees Blue Dog print for $10 each. The print is numbered, matted and framed and will be signed by both Rodrigue and Brees.

It’s value? An estimated $9,000! And that’s pre-NFC Championship estimates, I’m told.

Dean Torres, director of the St. John United Way, said all proceeds will stay local and benefit agencies served by the parish organization.

The drawing will be held March 10.

If you want to purchase a raffle ticket, call (985) 651-9118 or go by the St. John United Way office, 1402 W. Airline Highway in LaPlace.

So what are you doing Monday morning? Going to school or work? Calling in sick or taking a vacation day?

Many schools in the area have decided it best to be closed Monday. And I haven’t heard of it here, but in Indianapolis, some businesses are also giving their employees the day after the Super Bowl off.

Experts estimate the Super Bowl costs American employers as much as $900 million in lost productivity on Monday after the big game, making for a not-so-super Monday. And if the Saints win, the party will still be going on come Monday morning when everyone is set to report to work.

For those of us who do go to work on Monday, how many will be on time? And how much work will actually be done? Let’s face it, we’ll spend much of the day discussing the game. And if the New Orleans Saints win, the celebration will surely carry over to the workplace.

So, should Super Bowl Sunday become a national holiday and the Monday after a day of observance?

Some people think so, and if you agree you can go to and sign a petition the site creators say they’ll send to government officials. So far, 18,932 people have voted yes, with just 805 voting no on making Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday.

For the Monday after day of observance, 19,108 people have voted yes, and just 629 have voted no.

Organizers of the Web site say their mission is: “By providing the first national petition and online forum, our vision is to see our greatest game take its next step into American history, a national holiday.”

It surely has brought the people of south Louisiana together. Everyone has a common bond: the New Orleans Saints.

There was no trouble after the NFC Championship game. Crime has been down in the city during the playoff run. And because we are an area that knows how to have a good time, a Saints win tomorrow will elicit much of the same.

Strangers will become friends. The poor will celebrate with the rich. There will be no color barrier. The only colors that matter — black and gold.

Sandy Cunningham is publisher of L’Observateur. She can be reached at