Where will you be on Super Bowl Sunday?

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, February 2, 2010

c4a2b086-63c0-11e1-83d1-001cc4c0325c I’m going to watch the game right here in the River Parishes. 47
c4a2b130-63c0-11e1-83d2-001cc4c0325c I have to be in New Orleans when the Saints win the Super Bowl. 14
c4a2b1a8-63c0-11e1-83d3-001cc4c0325c Miami is the only place to be for the big game. 3
c4a2b220-63c0-11e1-83d4-001cc4c0325c I’m going to be as far away from a TV as possible. 10