The New Orleans Saints’ unprecedented 13-0 start created some lofty expectations for the 2009-10 football season. What, if anything, still needs to happen for it to be considered a successful campaign?

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, January 19, 2010

c4a19ad4-63c0-11e1-83c8-001cc4c0325c They’ve already been more successful this year than any other year. Mission accomplished. 14
c4a19b6a-63c0-11e1-83c9-001cc4c0325c The Saints must beat the Vikings on Sunday to call the season an absolute success. 20
c4a19bec-63c0-11e1-83ca-001cc4c0325c All or nothing. They must win the Super Bowl, or the season is a bust. 13
c4a19c5a-63c0-11e1-83cb-001cc4c0325c Success? The Saints still have a lot to prove before they can be called a success. 6