St. Peter’s Christmas angels

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 2, 2010

St. Peter School held their annual Christmas Angel pageant recently. The winners of pageant are:

Baby Miss 5-11 months

Queen, Prettiest Smile, Hair, Eyes, Fashion and Photogenic – Macy Guidry

Tiny Tot Miss 12-17 months

Queen, Prettiest Hair, Photogenic-Katelyn Bales

First Runner-up, Prettiest Eyes and Fashion – Karli Caronna

Second Runner-up and Prettiest Smile – Miley LaBranche

Toddler Miss 2-3 years-old

Queen, Prettiest Smile, Hair and Fashion – Kacey Beadle

First Runner-up and Prettiest Eyes – Kate Brady

Second Runner-up – Baeleigh Boe

Third Runner-up and Photogenic – Layla Comeaux

Lil Petite Miss 4-5 years-old

Queen, Fashion, Photogenic and Prettiest Eyes – Avery Berthelot

First Runner-up, Prettiest Hair and Prettiest Smile – Laney Beadle

Second Runner-up – Rylee Moore

Petite Miss 6-8 years-old

Queen, Photogenic, Fashion, Prettiest Hair, Smile and Eyes – Keri Clement