Following the revelry of New Year’s Eve, many people make new year’s resolutions, with varying degrees of success. Most resolutions can be categorized into different groups. What kind of resolution will you make for 2010?

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, December 29, 2009

c49fe0f4-63c0-11e1-83b9-001cc4c0325c I will change my eating habits to improve health/fitness. 6
c49fe19e-63c0-11e1-83ba-001cc4c0325c I will give up one or more of my vices (smoking, drinking, etc.). 3
c49fe220-63c0-11e1-83bb-001cc4c0325c I will alter my behavior to become a better/nicer person. 7
c49fe298-63c0-11e1-83bc-001cc4c0325c I will change my spending habits. 7
c49fe310-63c0-11e1-83bd-001cc4c0325c Other. 1
c49fe388-63c0-11e1-83be-001cc4c0325c I will not make a resolution. 12