Surprises abound when you meet new people

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 28, 2009

As I was about to exit St. Joseph Church in Paulina, I noticed a couple behind me. I said hello and introduced myself. The man said, “I’m Roy Amedee and this is my wife, Muriel.”

I enjoy meeting people, especially pleasant ones with a joyful spirit. Mrs. Amedee was wearing a black outfit with a burnt orange blouse. I commented on how nice she looked.

Mr. Roy volunteered that he was a graduate of Lutcher High School. “I used to box,” he added. Before he was finished speaking, I asked, “Were you any good?” “I was the State Champion in 1937,” he answered. “I won the 90-pound title by beating a fellow named Tauzin Ourso. He was really good, but I beat him in the finals at LSU.” “Who was your coach?” I asked. He replied, “Mr. Guglielmo.”

I was curious to know his age and found out he was 88. I was surprised! He looked much younger, maybe in his early or middle 70s.

He and his wife have been married 67 years and have two sons (both lawyers), five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. He retired from Winn-Dixie as a Merchandising Specialist.

As we were ending our conversation, I asked if they knew how many people in America were over 100 years old. Neither one knew, so I quickly added, “Over 96,000.” They seemed a little surprised. I said, “Mr. Roy and Mrs. Muriel, both of you will make that Century Club.” They smiled as we parted.

I’ve often said that the greatest gift God gives me is the people I meet in my journey toward eternity. Mr. and Mrs. Amedee was a couple that made my day very special.

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