With Black Friday coming at the end of next week, the holiday shopping season is set to shift into high gear. On what type of gifts will you you spending most of your shopping budget?

Published 11:15 am Tuesday, November 17, 2009

c49c72a2-63c0-11e1-839c-001cc4c0325c Electronics (computers, video games, TVs, stereos, etc.) 8
c49c7356-63c0-11e1-839d-001cc4c0325c Clothing and shoes 4
c49c73d8-63c0-11e1-839e-001cc4c0325c Entertainment (CDs, DVDs, books, etc.) 2
c49c7450-63c0-11e1-839f-001cc4c0325c Gift cards 9
c49c74c8-63c0-11e1-83a0-001cc4c0325c Traditional toys and games 19
c49c7540-63c0-11e1-83a1-001cc4c0325c Other 0