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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Staff Report

When the federal government proposed banning the sale of raw oysters from the Gulf Region between the months of April and October, it ruffled more than a few feathers here in Louisiana, where the bulk of the tasty bivalves come from.

Local oyster harvesters and restaurant owners complained the ban would hurt their business and wondered why the federal government seemed to be unfairly targeting oysters from only this region. Recently the powers that be have taken notice, and the legislation has been put on hold. The threat of the ban, however, still looms.

L’Observateur’s readers seem to agree with those who oppose the ban.

Last week, L’Observateur asked the question “The federal government has proposed banning the sale of raw oysters between the months of April and October. What do you think about the proposed legislation?” and over half of respondents thought the federal government should stay out of the oyster business.

Furthermore, another 32 percent of respondents thought people could decide for themselves whether or not to partake in this particular delicacy.

A breakdown of the results from the poll follows:

• 1 percent of respondents chose “I agree with the ban because the risk associated with eating raw oysters during summer months is too great.”

• 32 percent of respondents chose “People know the risks associated with eating raw oysters and should be able to decide for themselves.”

• 53 percent of respondents chose “The federal government should keep out of the oyster business.”

• 3 percent of respondents chose “The legislation has its merits, but certain provisions need to be made.”

• 11 percent of respondents chose “It is unfair to target the Gulf Coast oyster industry when all oysters pose the same threat.”

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