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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Staff Report

A number of factors have played into the rumored end of the LSU – Tulane football series. Once a great rivalry, games recently have been blowouts and interest in the series has definitely dwindled. Economic factors have also played a part in the decision, with Tulane being unwilling to share profits with LSU for those games held in the Superdome.

Accordingly, L’Observateur asked readers to weigh in on the issue in last week’s online poll.

Readers of www.lobservateur. com who responded to last week’s poll question, “Saturday’s LSU – Tulane football game may have been the last of the historic rivalry. What do you think about the end of this era?”, overwhelmingly thought the time had come to end the series. Over 50 percent of respondents agreed with the decision to end the series.

A good number, however, retained some nostalgia for the old days, with almost a quarter of respondents saying they were sad to see the series end.

A full breakdown of the poll results follows:

• 23 percent of respondents chose “I am sad to see the end of this historic rivalry.”

• 57 percent of respondents chose “The series has not been competitive for a long time, and I am glad to see it go.”

• 9 percent chose “The schools should not have let economic factors cloud their judgment regarding the series.”

• 11 percent chose “I do not care one way or the other.”

This week’s question: The federal government has proposed banning the sale of raw oysters between the months of April and October. What do you think about the proposed legislation?

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