Garyville VFD teaches fire safety

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Garyville Volunteer Fire Department recently visited St. John Early Childhood Development Center and Garyville Magnet School (K-2) with the fire prevention trailer for fire prevention activities.

Fire Chief Faron Duhe went over fire safety tips in the kitchen area also taught the children how to use 911 in case of a emergency, instructed the do’s and don’ts (staying calm, giving name, address and telephone number clearly, not to make prank calls or play on the phone) and some 10 elements of fire safety.

Other firefighters assisting were Armel Perret Jr., Justin James, Francis Brignac Jr., Secretary Monica Melancon and District Chief Jacques Montz.

After the presentation all students were given fire prevention material from NFPA such as color books, activity books, fire facts brochures, stickers, fire helmets, and teachers were given fire prevention goody bags.