Get High on Life: It’s never to late to turn your life around

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 23, 2009

Over a year ago, a young man

from Texas was arrested on the Interstate in St. John Parish for speeding. The arresting officer

confiscated 22 pounds of marijuana from his car. He was found guilty

of trafficking drugs and incarcerated. He volunteered for the Wednesday night meetings I’ve been privileged to conduct. He’s only in his mid-20s and evidently a model inmate because he has been chosen to be a trustee. His encouraging

letter, which follows, speaks loud and clear that God has blessed me with this special assignment.

“August 22, 2009

Mr. Harold Keller,

Hello. How are you doing? I hope and pray well in spirit, mind and health.

As for me, I’m very grateful to be attending your

Get High on Life classes (correction — our classes). It is a blessing that I was able to get to know you. Even though I was only here for a short time, but, we’ve accomplished a


Trust me when I tell you that you’ll always be in my mind and heart and not only mine, but many people. I pray that God blesses you with many more years here with us because life ain’t but a brief moment for us to spread the Word of God.

Out of all the cities and states that I crossed doing what I was doing, God chose for me to stop here. Of course, not my will, but it was His will. I was just being reckless out there. I would drive at speeds of

120-130 mph, drinking alcohol,

snorting cocoa leaf, smoking weed, trafficking drugs and, most of all, I wasn’t spending time with my family.

Look at me now. God took me to unknown land (to me) and sat me down and opened my eyes. Now I

go up for parole in September and I wanted to know if you can write the Parole Board a recommendation letter for me, please.

May God bless you and your family today, tomorrow and forever. Amen.


Name Withheld

P.S. Thank you for everything.”

NOTE: I did write a letter to the Parole Board, but he was refused parole. He now has approximately 10 months before his release.

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