Louisiana Supreme Court Justice visits East St. John Elementary

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 9, 2009

RESERVE – Louisiana Supreme Court Justice John L. Weimer, the Honorable Madeline Jasmine and Honorable Sterling Snowdy made a special visit to East St. John Elementary School speaking to the sixth- through eighth grade-students. Their message to the students: devote yourselves to your schooling, follow rules and respect authority.

Weimer came to ESJES at the request of ESJES principal, Jerry “Texx” Galloway, who was a classmate of Galloway at Nicholls State University. In preparation for the visit, the middle school social studies students studied Louisiana government as part of their Louisiana history class. The middle school social studies teachers also had their students research the Louisiana judicial system and the biographies of judges in preparation for the visit.

Weimer began by encouraging the students to avoid meeting any of the judges in a professional capacity. He told them about groups of students who toured the state penitentiaries with him and spoke with inmates who were crying when they talked about the bad decisions they had made and the freedoms they had lost because of those decisions. He asked the students what was most important to them (their family, their future, and their friends), and then told them that those were many of the things they would sacrifice if they made similar bad decisions.

Kendall Morgan, ESJES seventh grader, thought Weimer’s speech had a great message. “I want to go to go to college to be a chef. Just as Justice Weimer told us, if I

want attend college, I can’t play around in school.”

Weimer concluded his speech by answering the students’ prepared questions. He ended his visit with impromptu questions from the students. “Invariably, a student will ask what kind of car I drive. I honestly admit that I drive a 2000 Toyota Camry with 175,000 miles. However, I’m also a Harley rider.”

Bi’shan Caston, ESJES eighth grader,

commented, “I want to study law in college.

I understand how important it is to take school seriously in preparation for it. After hearing Justice Weimer’s story, I know I

can reach my goals if I put my mind to it.”

After his visit with the students, Justice Weimer commented to Dr. Courtney P. Millet, superintendent, “I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with the students and faculty. I found them to be very engaged, polite, diligent, and dedicated. I commend you and all those who are inspiring these young people and assisting them in their education.”