L’Observateur’s ONLINE POLL: Fallout from scandal may hinder passage of bills, readers fear

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Staff Report

According to the results of L’Observateur’s latest online poll, the erosion of public trust in public officials, which may make it harder for subsequent legislation to get passed, is the biggest concern of the newspaper’s readership following the scandal that forced Bill Hubbard’s resignation from office two weeks ago.

Last Wednesday, visitors to www.lobservateur.com were asked to answer the question “What effect do you think the recent bribery scandal and subsequent resignation of former Parish President Bill Hubbard will have on St. John Parish?”

• 18 percent of respondents chose “I think Hubbard was doing a good job, and the progress he was making will slow down or stop.”

• 11 percent of respondents chose “I think it will discourage businesses from coming to the parish.”

• 38 percent of respondents chose “I think it will erode public trust in officials and will hinder the passage of legislation.”

• 26 percent chose “All of the above.”

• 8 percent chose “I think it will have no effect at all.”

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