Athlete Q&A: SCC’s Meg Gustafson makes impact on and off court

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 25, 2009

St. Charles Catholic came into this season off of two district championship campaigns, and Meg Gustafson has been a big reason why.

Now a senior, the talented hitter has come into her own as a leader on the Comets both on and off the court.

“Every coach wants a player that can succeed on and off the court, and Meg Gustafson is one of those players,” says SCC coach Kelly Cupit. “She is a team player and one of our go to players. She loves the game and is always willing to help others while continuing to improve her own game. Her attitude on and off the court about the importance of being a student athlete is clearly visible.”

The Comets are currently 6-8 on the season against a pre-district schedule full of top-tier foes. Gustafson leads the team in blocks and kills and will undoubtedly be a key when SCC starts district competition.

“Meg is a great role model for younger players and they often look up to her,” says Cupit. “It’s been a great experience coaching her and I know that she is going to give 110% every time she walks on the court. I am so proud of her and I continue to look forward to seeing her improve in all aspects of her life.”

What do you enjoy most about playing volleyball? I love playing volleyball and the feeling that I get when I walk onto the court. Volleyball awakens this great confidence inside of me because I know that I am doing something that I can excel at. I also love being on a team and having that bond that only teammates share. Another thing I enjoy is teaching the younger ones how to play the game and watching them improve throughout the year.

What do you like best about being a student-athlete? I enjoy being a student athlete because it keeps me a well-rounded person and I love the recognition that comes with being an athlete. When I succeed both on the court and in the classroom, I become a role model for others, and I love being in that position.

Do you feel an added responsibility of being a role model as a student-athlete? Yes, there is an added responsibility of being a role model as a student athlete because I definitely feel as if people look up to me, especially the younger volleyball players, but the responsibility isn’t a burden. I welcome having that accountability actually because it helps me focus on setting an example both on and off the volleyball court.

Most memorable game? My most memorable game was when we played Lutcher in a district match at the bulldog gym my sophomore year.

Who has been the most influential person in your school sports career? Gina Monica has been the most influential person in my school sports career.

Who is your favorite athlete? Misty May Treanor

Favorite team? The Hornets.

Favorite School subject? English

Plans after high school/college major? I want to go to college out of state, most likely Ole Miss or Mississippi State, and I intend on majoring in medicine.

Favorite movie/TV show/actor-actress? Movie: Save the Last Dance. TV show: One Tree Hill. Actress: Kate Hudson

Favorite type of music? I really don’t have a favorite type of music; what I listen to just depends on what kind of mood I am in.

Favorite food? My favorite food is white beans and rice and macaroni and cheese.

Best vacation? The best vacation I’ve ever been on would have to be when my family and I traveled to California in 2005 to visit my cousin and we stayed on the beach at Santa Monica Pier. We spent one day riding along the coast to Orange County.

Best thing about living in St. John Parish? The best thing about living in St. John Parish is being close to school. I live approximately five minutes from school, so it’s fairly easy for me to be involved in multiple activities because I can get there in a moment’s notice.

Hobbies: My absolute favorite thing to do in my free time is to read. My favorite author is Jodi Piccoult. I also enjoy playing with my dogs and hanging out with my sister and my friends.

Parents: Timothy and Debra Gustafson