Save E.S.J. Coach Larry Dauterive’s Job!!

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coach Larry Dauterive has been a solid part of E.S.J High School’s staff and athletic department for over nine years. He has been with them through thick and thin.

Everyone knows that the school is predominately black. This is not even an issue. The issue is at this time we have a personal vendetta that is being started.

I am appalled along with hundreds of other community members, parents and ESJ staff at the current accusations against our beloved Coach D.

He under no circumstances should be labeled or spoken of as a racist that would try to hurt any of his students. Those of you that have brought about these bogus charges must have an ulterior motive. Why are you trying to break down the character and reputation of someone who is merely trying to better the athletic program and has sent more students to both community and four-year colleges than any previous coach! You sit in the stands and criticize and judge. This is a dedicated and persistent coach.

Your ignorance leaves me to believe that you just sit around thinking of ways to hurt this man. Get your own households in order and leave this man alone. We will start a petition to keep Coach Dauterive at E.S.J.

I say to you all GET A LIFE!! It is time for you all to stop the petty foolishness!

B. Laurent

African American Parent

ESJ Student