What form of health-care reform do you support?

Published 7:00 pm Monday, September 7, 2009

c498821e-63c0-11e1-837b-001cc4c0325c Do nothing; the current system is working well enough. 10
c49882dc-63c0-11e1-837c-001cc4c0325c Establish a “public option” that would allow U.S. citizens to buy health-care coverage from a government-run insurance program that competes with private insurance companies. 20
c498835e-63c0-11e1-837d-001cc4c0325c Create a “single-payer” system in which the federal government covers everyone’s insurance costs. 10
c49883d6-63c0-11e1-837e-001cc4c0325c Eliminate all government involvement in health care, including Medicare and Medicaid. 18
c498844e-63c0-11e1-837f-001cc4c0325c Other. 7