It’s not citizens who are out of touch

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you listen to Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Howard Dean, you are told that the millions of Americans we see and read about who are protesting the proposed healthcare plan are “out of touch with reality” and “unpatriotic.”

If you watch the network newscasts, you see the faces of only the lost vocal — or is that least photogenic? — as Obama administration apologists such as Katie Couric tell us how badly those who are upset are behaving.

While first pointing out that yes, changes need to be made in our healthcare system, we would quickly add that millions of Americans have given their lives so that those the Democrats characterize as “out of touch” or “unpatriotic” would have the right to voice opposition.

The reason many in our nation — the majority now, by even those classified as pro-Democratic pollsters — have resorted to shouting is that Congress has refused to listen to conversation-level debate.

Because of tumbling poll numbers, Mr. Obama has offered a co-op plan — but the Washington Post points out that many of the so-called co-op proposals are the same as those in the government-run proposal. Little, if any, change.

And across the board, we’ve ignored tort reform completely. Could it be because the trial lawyers comprise the single largest source of donations for the Democratic party?

Tort reform, coupled with reduced costs for malpractice insurance and an elimination of advertising for drugs pulls billions of dollars out of the cost factor.

And the administration ignores it.

Another factor ignored is the number of illegal aliens that are part of the nation’s uninsured. While no one should be denied emergency health care, our nation’s illegals — along with those citizens who feel they are invincible — clog our emergency rooms, tie up our delivery system and add to the increased costs.

Instead of playing the “woe is me, my constituents are yelling” card, perhaps more in Congress like Arlen Spector, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should close their mouths and open their ears.

It’s enough to make us repeat Howard Dean’s line … “Aaaarghhhh!”