Protect you and your business against cramming

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The AT&T website ( offers a number of measures to help protect yourself or your business against cramming:

• Read your monthly phone bill thoroughly. If you do not understand the charges, call the telephone number listed at the top of the bill.

• Insist that any products and services not ordered be removed from your bill.

• Do not sign anything without first reading it carefully. If you don’t understand what charges will be included, ask questions.

• If you are billed for collect calls that you did not accept, or for calls that were accepted under false pretenses, you should advise the carrier that you dispute the charges and refuse to pay any unauthorized charges.

If you find a charge you feel is unauthorized, you should first attempt to deal directly with the carrier from which the charge originated, whose name and toll-free telephone number should be printed on the same bill page as the charge in question. Often, the problem can be resolved with a single telephone call.

If the carrier with whom the charge originated does not agree to resolve the problem, contact an AT&T representative at the number that appears on the first page of your bill. Customers are not required to pay charges for goods and services that were neither ordered nor received, and AT&T representatives can work with you to have the crammed charges removed from your bill.

To file a cramming complaint, contact your state public utilities commission or the Federal Communications Commission at (888) 225-5322 (CALL FCC) or online.

(This article was taken from the AT&T website.)