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Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The United States and Iran have been officially on the outs since the Islamic revolution 30 years ago. Before that, opponents of Iranian leader Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi blamed America for supporting the monarch and preventing a representative government from taking over in Tehran. …

Again, the United States must be cautious. There is no reason to even suggest that we support the return of a monarch in any form. Referencing the shah will only give the fundamentalists ammunition to claim U.S. interference.

There is reason for the United States to support election integrity in Iran or anywhere else. President Barack Obama is doing that, and he stands as a positive symbol to opponents of the Iranian regime. Obama has offered to work with Iran if it will unclinch the fist it has for America. The Iranian leadership has been stubbornly unresponsive.

What is happening in Iran today could lead to changes long the hope of U.S. leaders. But the changes should be-and are-in the hands of the people of Iran and not under U.S. direction.

— The Times and Democrat,

Orangeburg, S.C.