Parish conducting smoke testing in LaPlace

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 3, 2009


LAPLACE — The St. John Department of Utilities will be conducting smoke testing in the LaPlace area over the next few days and residents may see smoke wafting up from sewer holes, drainage covers and some internal plumbing.

The testing is being done to identify cracks and leaks in the old sewerage and drainage system for future repairs, said St. John public information officer Buddy Boe. Boe said the sewerage lift stations have been showing large influxes of flow during rain events, a usual sign of infiltration problems. Identifying the sources of this infiltration will allow the parish to strategically locate and fix the problems.

The testing began Tuesday and will run through Friday. Streets and areas involved in the testing include Ridgefield, Evergreen, Frisco, Lafrenier, E. Frisco, Willowdale, Greenwood, Esplanade, Lafitte, W. Frisco, Ellerslie, Kenilworth, Madewood Drive, Acadia, Oak Alley, Melrose, Ormond, Parlange, Chatsworth, Rienzi, Welham, Dominican, Lacour, Belle Chasse, Belmont, Belle Alliance, Bellevue, Joe Parquet Circle, Elm St., Fir St., Carmichael, Kim Court, Ozzie Place, Randy Street, Park Avenue, St. Charles Street, St. James Street, Marvin, State, Hemlock, Pierre Alley, Evangeline Court, West 5th, Twin Oaks, St. Joan of Arc, Cedar, Cypress, Cherry, Cambias, Harry, Tassin, Camphor and McKinnon Street.