Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Darryl Gregoire, 49, 201 26th St., Reserve, unauthorized use of access card as theft

Aaron E. Green, 19, 2012 Cypress St., LaPlace, aggravated rape w/dangerous weapon

Gerald Knight, 40, 104 Milton St., LaPlace, DWI — first offense

Dendzil J. Gregoire, 18, 6201 Riverside Drive, Metairie, attempted second-degree murder

Mary E. Davis, 47, 438 Homewood Place, Reserve, battery of a police officer

Timothy Luther, 28, 153Joe Parquet Circle, LaPlace, aggravated rape – resistance overcome by force, parole violation

Peter C. House, 39, 325 Pleasant Ave., Gonzales, DWI — first offense

Joseph W. Murphy Jr., 26, 1700 Williamsburg Drive, LaPlace, simple criminal damage to property – $500-$50,000

Alice B. Lee, 34, 210 Paula Drive, LaPlace, parole violation

Leonard Gullage, 41, 153 Killona Drive, Killona, eight counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile

Jermaine C. Carter, 27, 100 Young Drive, Garyville, DWI — first offense

Ralph R. Keating Jr., 360 Historic West St., Garyville, two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm

Aleta M. Joseph, 35, 312 Homewood Drive, Reserve, issuing worthless check – $100-$500

Derik Weil, 18, 2001 Spanish Oaks St., Harvey, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, theft – $300-$500

Keilin A. Guillard, 29, 173 Annex St., New Sarpy, illegal use of weapons — first offense

Ada Hillery, 48, 32242 Sunny Barbi St., White Castle, simple arson of uninhabited property

Michael L. Sly, 36, 2001 Van Arpel Drive, LaPlace, principal to monetary instrument abuse

Selina A. Carper, 25, 312 Mizzen Lane, Pensacola, Fla., DWI — first offense

Shane M. Cambre, 30, 136 Iber St., LaPlace, DWI — first offense

Chandra S. Wilson, 24, 1508 Van Arpel Drive, LaPlace, simple burglary of an immovable structure

Tasheeka F. Gant, 32, 193 Joe Parquet Circle, LaPlace, simple criminal damage to property $500-$50,000, aggravated criminal damage to property

Irene A. Butler, 20, 168 13th St., Reserve, simple criminal damage to property – $500-$50,000

Samuel G. Ray, 18, 660 Magnolia Ave., Gramercy, aggravated second-degree battery

Tyrone E. Sanders, 32, 234 E. 27th St., Reserve, probation violation

Robert Williams Jr., 23, 1100 Sugar Ridge Drive, LaPlace, distributing or manufacturing schedule I CDS, distributing or manufacturing schedule II CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal use of weapons during a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, probation violation

Deshawn E. Blount, 24, 1961 Jasper Lane, LaPlace, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, possession of schedule II CDS, probation violation

Luis Trochez, 26, 131 Betty Court, LaPlace, carnal knowledge of a juvenile

Lynzee Anthony, 19, 301 Fairview Drive, LaPlace, aggravated second-degree battery, illegal possession of stolen firearms — first offense

Coconekia I. Staggers, 21, 133 Sixth St., Edgard, attempted second-degree murder

Gary Jones, 20, 439 Capt. G. Bourgeois St., LaPlace, illegal possession of stolen firearms — first offense

Adrian Dickerson, 20, 1812 Winterville St., Port Allen, theft – $500 or more, probation violation

Erik Cooper, 37, 5510 61 St., Coconut Creek, Fla., distributing or manufacturing marijuana

Lewis T. Cooper Jr., 44, 1820 Yorktowne Dr., LaPlace, distributing or manufacturing marijuana

Ray Francois, 27, 252 14th St., Edgard, probation violation

Linda T. Esko, 48, 8766 Houma Dr., LaPlace, theft – $500 or more

Thomas E. Parker, 62, 282 4th St., Reserve, DWI — first offense

Brenda L. Grimes, 29, 201 Elenore St., New Orleans, DWI — first offense