Smokers ‘butt’ of congressional joke

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To the Editor:

It seems our nation is under siege, governmental siege. April 15, 2009 is a big planned protest day. I applaud the desire to speak out and plan to attend a Tea Party myself. I am disgusted with what is happening. We are getting ready to go down some very dangerous paths and it will call for all patriots who value independence to take a stand.

I got to thinking about why we chose tea? Why certainly, I said — “The Boston Tea Party” public protest against taxation without representation. Further thinking makes me wonder if that’s where the similarity ends.

You see, the colonists were very effective in making their point because tea was a desired staple. By purposely confiscating shipments of tea and throwing them into the harbor, the early patriots had rendered a taxable commodity worthless. Parliament was extremely upset: They had plans to use the tax money from the tea. So while we are making a purposeful stand at solidarity with huge Tea Parties across our nation: Is there not something more to be done in order to have a tangible impact as well?

I wonder if I might impose on the Tea-Party Patriots and all patriots of the United States of America who are tobacco users to quit using? That’s right on April15, 2009, quit!

And on April 16th empty every ashtray you have into three mailable containers and send them to (Pres.) Barrack Hussein Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington and to (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi or other Congressional member. Please be sure to make this bi-partisan, as the Republicans may have voted “no” to the budget but they did not try to get democrats to say “no” and last but not least, the Supreme Court for not halting all this massive change due to lack of Constitutional muster.

I see this as a way to peacefully protest. Mr. President, socialized healthcare that even pays for abortions here and overseas with my tax dollars? Really? You must be joking? Well then — here’s the “butt” of that joke! I will not purchase tobacco products. I apologize to the tobacco industry, whether good or bad the freedom of choice was there.

To the Pelosi female and members of Congress, again a peaceful protest, but just saying you are all butts for failing to protect citizens by passing laws and budgets you have not bothered to read!!

To the Supreme Court Justices, again peaceful, you are all butts for failing to protect the citizenry of this nation by calling into play the Constitution of the United States; you know, that antiquated piece of parchment, you swore to God and this country to uphold.

For myself, a long time tobacco user, the only good thing I can say about this president is he is forcing me to quit smoking. I’ve cut out a pictures of him and taped them on my remaining packs of cigarettes. I’m already smoking less because his ideas of “socialize/globalize” turns my stomach every time I reach for the pack.

I will refuse a desired staple because this government wants to tax its use, to steal for their benefit. Any other tobacco using American patriots care to grab their mitts and get in the game? Come on, we can do it!

Buying my patch now,

Pamela Matus