Frisco Fest 2009

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 11, 2009

By David Vitrano


GARYVILLE—Beautiful weather greeted attendees at this past weekend’s Sixth Annual San Francisco Plantation Festival, better known as Frisco Fest.

Perhaps in part because of the ample sunshine and mild temperatures, both Saturday and Sunday set records for attendance.

“We surpassed our goal this year,” said San Francisco General Manager Kim Fontenot.

This year’s festival featured over 110 craft vendors and about 100 participants in both the bike tour and the 5K run. Additionally, around 75 classic cars were on display throughout the festival grounds.

Also, Geno Delafose kept the weekend rocking, with people filling the barn and the grounds to hear his brand of local rock.

Tours of the plantation were available throughout the weekend, and Fontenot said about 300 people took advantage of the opportunity to see the historic landmark with its gardens in full bloom.

As usual, one of the most popular events of the weekend was the cook-off. Lines to sample their wares were always lengthy.

Katrina Pellisier and Ashley Montz’s Shrimp Pistoletts won the Judges’ Overall Selection and Josh Gravois’ Grande Isle Grits won the People’s Choice Award. 

This year’s other winners were:


First – Katrina Pellisier & Ashley Montz – Shrimp Pistoletts – Sponsored by Fatty II’s

Second – Sunee Hillebrad – Satay & Cucumber Salad – Sponsored by Fluor, Inc.

Third – Beverly Oubre – Hot Wings – Sponsored by Betz Chemicals


First – Dustin Montelius – Seafood Pasta – Sponsored by Nobile’s Restaurant

Second – Kevin St. Amant – Seafood Pasta – Sponsored by Veolia Water

Third – Dale Madere – Alligator Sauce Piquante – Sponsored by Louisiana Scrap Metal


First –  Brent Waguespack – Jambalaya – Sponsored by Flow Serve

Second – Timmy Stout – Pastalaya – Sponsored by Louisiana Scrap Metal

Third – Dwane Steib – Pastalaya – Sponsored by Turner Industries


First – Chris Jacob – Glazed Flourless Chocolate Cake – Sponsored by Cajun Industries

Second – Kathy Stieb – Sundae Cake – Sponsored by Turner Industries

Third – Josh Gravois – Maw Maw’s Pralines – Sponsored by Jude Gravois, Candidate for Judge, Court of Appeal

“I want to thank all the people in our community who came out to support this historic landmark,” said Fontenot.

Of course, the conclusion of this year’s festival does not signal a period of idleness for Fontenot and the rest of the staff at San Francisco Plantation. Next year’s festival is already in the works, set for the first weekend of March 2010.

Also, in May of this year, the plantation will be taking part in a poker run, held in conjunction with New Orleans Bike Week. Additionally, the symphony will again fill the festival grounds in November.