Everyone’s covered by freedom of religion

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There is a billboard on the side of a New Orleans streetcar that reads: “Don’t Believe in God? You Are

Not Alone.” The sponsor of the anti-God message is the work of the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association. The president is 81-year-old Harry Greenberger, an atheist,

who calls his group the “most maligned minority” to come out of the closet. 

The association rejects belief in an afterlife or a divine being and believes that mature reason must ultimately displace faith. Greenberger said that America might aspire to be like secularist Western Europe, where churches are mostly empty and religion has little meaning in the people’s lives.

When I first

read of the atheist group and its anti-God billboard, I was a little upset until I realized that only in America do we have the freedom to express our feelings concerning religion. It’s called religious freedom and I thank God for that privilege. 

Mr. Greenberger encourages all freethinkers, humanists, secularists and agnostics to come out of the

closet and take a stand against God and Christianity. I think that comparisons such as theirs should

challenge Christians to come, not out of the closets, but out of their comfortable churches and take

 a stand for what we profess to believe. 

I’ll never forget one of my first encounters with an atheist.  It was in a jail group meeting and a convicted murderer was in the group. As we ended, I said, “God bless all of you.” The atheist said, “He can’t bless me, because I don’t believe in God.” We shared a few minutes and, as we left, I remembered that to argue with a fool makes you a fool. The Bible says that only a fool does not believe in God. 

My parting words to him were, “Well, you don’t believe in God, but I do. When you die, you better hope I wasn’t right.”

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