Holocaust survivors visit Harry Hurst Middle

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Students from Sara Smith’s, Leigh Baltazar’s and Paulette Fairchild’s language arts classes recently got a visit from two Holocaust survivors. Anne Levee and Suzanne Swift, who are associated with the World War II Museum in New Orleans, lived in Poland and Southern France during the Holocaust and came to Hurst Middle School to share about their experiences during this tragic time in history. The students in these classes have been learning all about WWII, the Holocaust and Anne Frank the past few weeks. The students shared how much of an impression meeting these women have made on their lives.

They were excited that they were able to meet people who could give a first-hand account of what really went on. The women showed the students that even though someone might live through something terrible, there are still ways to find the positive and the good in life.