St. John gauging recycling interest

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ST. JOHN — Recycling in St. John begins today at 6 new recycling drop-off locations parish wide.

The Recycling bins will accept paper, plastic, and aluminum. Glass will not be taken at these locations.

The parish has contracted with SWDI, a local garbage collector, to provide the recycling bins at the locations and will be responsible for picking up the bins on an as needed basis.

The program will be in place for a test period of six months to assess the community’s desire to recycle. In May, the parish conducted a phone poll to determine if the community wanted a curbside service that would cost each household $2.50 per month, the free drop-off locations service, or no recycling service at all.

The free drop-off locations won the poll by 56 percent. The bins at the following locations will be picked-up monthly until the need increases for additional pick-ups per month. The funding for the program is being taken from the parish’s Solid Waste Account.

The locations are:

Westside Fire Station —

3347 Hwy. 18


Edgard Courthouse –

2393 Hwy 18


Service Center

492 Historic Main St.


Community Action Center

128 Central Ave


Percy Hebert Building

1801 W. Airline Hwy.


Service Center

102 E. Airline Hwy.


St. Andrews Fire Station

1703 St. Andrews Blvd.


The Recycling program is a part of the ‘Keep St. John Beautiful’ program kicked off by Parish President Bill Hubbard in April 2008.

“I hope the residents of St. John will use this program, it is one more way we can get St. John cleaner and keep it beautiful,” said Parish President Bill Hubbard.

The parish will be going to the local schools to educate the children of the parish on recycling and the need for picking up our trash. Information, including a map of the locations, can be found at the parish website,