‘Food For Families’ kicks off fifth year of helping local needy

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 14, 2008

LAPLACE — With the economy in freefall, the need for programs such as L’Observateur’s “Food For Families” is greater than ever.

Although most people are finding it a little bit harder to make ends meet this year, for those families in need, the problem is amplified, as those at the lower end of the income scale tend to feel the pinch the hardest.

So dig deep and help L’Observateur help those in need have a wonderful holiday season this year.

The deadline to donate for the fifth annual L’Observateur “Food for Families” program is this Tuesday, December 16. But don’t wait until the last minute to get those non-perishable food items in.

The program sponsored by this newspaper was begun to reach out to those at Christmas time who are not as fortunate as most, and could use some assistance with a food box this holiday season.

However we are asking the public, from individuals to local businesses, to help us make this a success by donating to the program.

From now until Tuesday, December 16 we are asking you to bring us non-perishable food items, or send in monetary donations that we will use to purchase food.

“We use 100 percent of the donations to our program for needy families,” Publisher Kevin Chiri said. “So I hope we will see a lot of individuals, as well as businesses hold food drives, to help us in the next week.”

On Saturday, December 20, L’Observateur employees and their friends will personally deliver those food boxes to needy families.

Our program guarantees that every penny donated will provide food for needy people in the region, as all work to box the food and deliver it, as well as the purchase of boxes by L’Observateur, is handled by our employees here.

Individuals or businesses who would like to participate may mail monetary donations to “Food for Families,” c/o L’Observateur, P.O. Box 1010, LaPlace, La., 70459. Or you can bring donations of non-perishable foods to our newspaper office just off Hwy. 44 (old Main Street), located at 116 Newspaper Dr.

We are also taking nominations for anyone you know who could use a food box this year.

Nomination forms are available at our office and will be published in future editions of L’Observateur.