Hubbard delivers four-legged resident to Southeast LA Veterans’ Home

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Editor and Publisher

RESERVE — St. John Parish President Bill Hubbard didn’t have to think too long.

“Scruffy doesn’t sound like the kind of name for a dog that belongs here at the Vet’s Home,” he said. “How about ‘Ike?’”

And with that, “Ike” became the newest resident of the Southeast Louisiana War Veteran’s Home last week, as the St. John Animal Shelter donated a dog to the veterans there, with the parish picking up all the adoption fees.

The idea of getting a dog for the veteran’s at the home came about after Director Jon Salter said they had been having a monthly pet therapy group come to the home.

“Things went so well with the pet therapy group, and the veterans enjoyed the animals so much, that we thought about bringing a dog here permanently,” Salter said. “So we contacted the parish and they helped it all come together.”

Representatives from the Veteran’s Home went to the St. John shelter to pick the dog, and decided on “Ike,” who is a mixed terrier, about a year old, who has a gentle disposition.

When he was presented to the residents last week, he worked perfect for the vets, as they passed him around without an incident.

Salter said that the dog will be allowed to have the run of the place, living outside part of the time in his dog house behind the center, while also having the run of the halls.

The veteran’s and staff members will be co-partners in taking care of “Ike” now that he has taken up residence at the home.