No surprises at cookoff as Brock maintains his gumbo dominance

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Editor and Publisher

LAPLACE — Keith Brock of LaPlace continued his domination of the Andouille Festival gumbo cookoff, as he won his eighth title in that competition on Saturday at the fair.

Brock took first place in the Andouille Festival Gumbo cookoff, marking the eighth win he has had at the event.

Taking second place was Penny Freeman of LaPlace, and third place went to David Ramirez of LaPlace.

Brock, who also won a larger competition last year at the Bridge City Gumbo Cookoff, said that he believes his win is all about balancing the different ingredients with the roux for the gumbo.

“It’s all about the balance of local resources,” he said. “You’ve got to use the absolute best ingredients, and I think Jacob’s Andouille has maintained a great product for many, many years. And then I get my other ingredients at Matherne’s, a good local supermarket that has really great products. That’s the secret to the great flavor I get.”

He said that his homemade seasoned stock is handed down for years and is a “Cajun secret.”

Brock, who worked for Marathon Refinery for 23 years, is an amateur cook who has never cooked professionally.