Fisherman’s Festival Pageant winners

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 22, 2008

St. Peter School Fishermen’s Festival Pageant was held recently.

The winners were, Baby Miss 5-11 months: Queen, Prettiest Smile, Photogenic, Kenly Simon, 1st Runner-up, Kami Peschier, 2nd Runner-up, Prettiest hair, Fashion, Daisy Scioneaux, 3rd Runner-up and Prettiest eyes, Maiah Silvestri.

Baby Master 5-18 months: King, Fashion, Prettiest Smile, Hair and Eyes, Garrett LeBouef.

Tiny Tot Miss 12-17 months: Queen and Prettiest Hair, Claire Gonzalez, 1st Runner-up, Prettiest Eyes and Fasion, Phoebe Bourgoyne, 2nd Runner-up, Photogenic an Prettiest Eyes, McKenzie Deslatte.

Lil Tot Miss 18-23 months: Queen, Fashion, Prettiest Smile and Prettiest Hair, Caleigh Remondet, 1st Runner-up, Photogenic and Prettiest Eyes, Rebecca Law.

Toddler Miss 2-3 years old: Queen, Tanner Waits, 1st Runner-up and Fashion, Quinn Loup, 2nd Runner-up and Prettiest Hair, Madison Ford, 3rd Runner-up, Zoe Naquin, Photogenic, Cayla Roussel, Prettiest Smile, Breanna Johnson.

Lil Petite Miss 4-5 year olds: Queen, Photogenic and Prettiest Eyes, Kaitlyn Reed, 1st Runner-up, Fashion, Prettiest Eyes and Smile, Julia Haslauer.

Petite Miss 6-8 years old: Queen, Photogenic, Fashion, Prettiest Hair, Smile and Eyes, Cassity Mistretta.

Deb Miss 9-11 year olds: Queen, Fashion and Prettiest Smile, Kassidy Duhe, 1st Runner-up, Prettiest Eyes and Hair, Hailey Detillier.