‘After the Benediction’ released

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MOUNT AIRY. – After the Benediction (published by AuthorHouse), a new book by Ellen L. Grant of Mt. Airy, is a reality-based, effective tool that addresses the challenges many Christians face today, such as controlling in-laws, overbearing bosses, pretentious pastors, dysfunctional families, illnesses, financial ruin, and what Grant calls “the most gratifying temptation of all … flesh.”

After the Benediction is intended to help readers make the most of their time in church and provides tools for keeping faith throughout the week “Christians experience empowerment for approximately 2 hours on Sunday,” says Grant. She points out that within that time frame, many situations can arise that hinder worship: the night before, crying babies, the person beside you, wandering thoughts and other distractions.

Grant points out that many people look at church as the only time to practice their faith, noting that some people don’t even make it through the sermon itself.

The book is available online through www.authorhouse.com and also at Scriptures Christian Bookstore on Airline Highway in LaPlace.