Consulting firm begins surveying St. John school facilities

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 26, 2008


News Editor

RESERVE—In an effort to create a master plan for St. John schools, CSRS Inc., the consulting firm recently hired by the school board, has begun its assessment of the parish’s public schools.

Five teams of professionals recently began visiting the schools. These teams are inspecting the schools from both an architectural and an engineering perspective. Separate teams will inspect the roofs of the structures.

As of the last school board meeting, the architecture schools had visited eight of St. John’s public schools. The engineering inspections were not far behind, and the roofing specialists were expected to begin their inspections this week.

According to St. John Superintendent Courtney Millet, the visits should be complete within two weeks, and a draft of the firm’s final report should be ready during the third week of September.

In addition to the school visits, the firm also wants to meet with teachers, principals and parents from each school to form a communication committee to explore the firm’s priorities and goals from a community perspective.

Board members will also participate in the committee. James Madere, Russell Jack, Phillip Johnson and Board President Gerald Keller agreed to participate in the committee.

The school board recently approved a proposal to pay CSRS $175,000 for the master planning phase of the effort to improve St. John schools.

The St. John school system will be asking voters on Nov. 4 for a rededication of existing tax money that could bring in as much as $46 million to the system for capital improvements to fund a six year master plan.