Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 19, 2008

JUNE 30, 2008 TO JULY 3, 2008


River Pointe 190, from Landcraft, Inc. to Sterling Gray, $144,900.00.

River Pointe 178 from Landcraft, Inc. to Tamonica Scott, wife of /and Kendall D. Robinson, $164,900.00.


Devon Road 242 by Brenda McKinley Allen, wife of /and James D. Allen to Tiara Walker Austin, wife of /and Michael W. Austin, Jr., $225,000.00.

Country Club Drive 2245 by Robert E. Fowler and Janet Parker Fowler to James Lodato, III, $195,000.00.

Devon Road 103 by Donald J. Fuselier and Jennifer Fitch Fuselier to Gregory B. Scallan, $186,000.00.

West Airline Highway 1922 by Entre Nous Partnership to Critical Mass Holdings, LLC, $400,000.00.

Oak Allee Drive 531 by Aimee Hinton, wife of /and Kenneth J. Edmonds, Jr., to Jennifer Rene Cadiere, wife of /and Keith William Hill, $148,000.00.

Indigo Parkway 501, Unit # 18 The Woodland Villa’s Condominiums, from Riverwood Commercial Group, LLC to Allan R. Doubleday, $126,100.00.

Ellerslie Drive 1500 by Ann Kurtz, wife of /and Russell Frederick Wood to John O. Toussaint and Jonathan T. Toussaint, $155,500.00.

Sycamore Street 421 by Derra Tanguis Ferguson and Lana Tanguis Galino to Mallory E. Pereira, wife of /and Brandon Michael Boudreaux, $80,000.00.

JULY 14, 2008 TO JULY 18, 2008


Acadia Drive 1825 by Angela T. Jabour to Evelyn Brown Laprairie and Lloyd E. Laprairie , Donation value at $140,000.00.

Carrollwood 1308 by William H. Wactor, Jr. to Dawn Wactor and Glenda Weber Wactor, Donation.

Lot 35 Square 12 and one half portion of lot 36, Square 12 New Era Plantation by Ann Overstreet Estey to Gary F. Ferraro, Donation.


Rue St. Martin 138 by Lionel Joseph Boudreaux and Sandra Ann Boudreaux, Donation (no dollar amount)


Manchester Lane 601 by William Evans to Lydia Hinojosa Evans, Donation (no dollar amount).

Shearwater Drive 66, the Glade Subdivision by Robert Fitzgerald McPherson and wife Joscelyn Honan McPherson to Irvin C. James, Jr., $186,100.00.