Fire and Ice: Dance Unlimited Season Winners

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 5, 2008

   Dance Unlimited of the River Parishes started this competition season at Louisiana Association of Dance Masters winning several High Scores, Judges Choice Award for Best Tap of Day and even the Title of Teen Mr. Dance of Louisiana. Jeffery Keys will now advance to represent LADM at the Dance Masters National Convention in Orlando, Florida. He performed a Hip Hop Routine to “Wall 2 Wall” choreographed by Travon August. Ramalama was a High Score Winner and “Tune In” was the Judges Choice for Best Tap of the Day. Both routines featured MaQue Hollins, Victoria Pellerin, Ashleigh Keller and Hailee Weber and were choreographed by Angie Lehnnann.

   MaQue and MaCoi Hollins went on to be our first sister team to win Titles at the same competition on the same day. They competed at Odyssey Talent in Lafayette. MaQue received all Platinum Achievements and was named Miss Odyssey. Ma Coi received Platinum and High Gold Achievements and was named Mini Miss Odyssey. For Title they were required to perform a dance and have an on stage interview. This was just the beginning. The next week, Dance Unlimited competed the entire “No Limit Team” at Star Systems in Baton Rouge with incredible results.

   Dance Unlimited Won 8 Over All High Score of the Day Honors. They placed 32 times in the Over All High Score Rankings. They took home 44 – 1st Place Category Awards, 22 Platinum Placements, 48 High Gold Placements and 25 Gold Placements. Judges Choice Awards went to Gabrielle House, Amber Oubre, Katie Milligan, MaCoi Hollins and Alexis Keys. Baton Rouge Top Covergirl13 and Over went to Victoria Pellerin. Top Model 12 and under went to MaCoi Hollins for “Who’s Bad” choreographed by Duanne Cazalot. Top Model 13 and over went to Monique Cannon for her Sportswear choreographed by Duanne Cazalot. Both routines were nearly perfect with Platinum Awards. Junior High Score Soloist was a tie between Janet Nelson with a lyrical to II Send in the Clowns” choreographed by Duanne Cazalot and Gabrielle House with her lyrical to “A Dream is a Wish” choreographed by Travon August.

   They received High Gold Placements. Senior Intermediate High Score Solo went to Alexis Hampton for her Jazz dance to “Feedback” which received a High Gold and was choreographed by Angie Lehrmann. Senior Miss Superstar with nearly a perfect Platinum Placement was MaQue Hollins performing a Tap Routine to “My Precious Lord” choreographed by Duanne Cazalot, Angie Lehrmann and Laurie Falgoust. Over All High Score Small Group 13 and over went to “Body Language” with a Platinum Placement. This routine choreographed by Angie Lehrmann featured EnJolique Boyd, Albreian Cornish, Alexis Hampton, MaQue Hollins, Ashleigh Keller, Victoria Pellerin, Angelle Pellerin, Hailee Weber and Alyssa Wininger.

   Dance Unlimited finished the 2007-2008 Competition Season in Mobile, Alabama at Fire and Ice Dance Competition. Nicole Cannon, Monique Cannon and Lauren, MaQue & MaCoi Hollins, Taylor Rivera, Gabrielle House, Janet Nelson, Caitlyn Figueroa and Hailee Weber competed 15 routines and placed 11 times in the Over All High Scores winning 10 High Scores. In Photogenic 12 and Under, Taylor Rivera was selected the Cover Girl with Nicole Cannon winning in 13 and Over. Over All High Score Senior Intermediate Solo went to Monique Cannon with “Stuff Like That There” choreographed by Stephanie Bayhi. Over All High Score Senior Intermediate Duet went to Monique and Lauren with a Hip Hop Routine to “Touch” choreographed by Travon August. High Score Senior Advanced Solo went to MaQue Hollins for “Walk Away” choreographed by Duanne Cazalot and Angie Lehrmann. This also won the Grand Champion Diamond Award for the Highest Score of the Day. High Score Senior Duet Advanced went to “Wild Horses” featuring MaQue Hollins and Hailee Weber and was choreographed by Angie Lehrmann. MaQue Hollins also was named Miss Fire and Ice for Mobile, Alabama with her Tap Routine to “My Precious Lord” choreographed by Duanne Cazalot, Angie Lehrmann and Laurie Falgoust. Dance Unlimited also went on to win 2 of the 4 Choreography Awards. They went to “My Precious Lord” by MaQue Hollins and “Music Box” by MaQue Hollins and Hailee Weber.

   “Since Hurricane Katrina, competitions are really different.” Owner Duanne Cazalot told us. We use to compete all our competitions in the New Orleans Area but now we have to travel…a lot. We are enjoying it and it is great to have people constantly ask us, Where is Dance Unlimited from? We are proud to say, The River Parishes are our home.”

  Dance Unlimited will hold intense Summer Classes the week of June. For information check out their web site at