Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JUNE 2, 2008 TO JUNE 6, 2008


Portion of section 18, township 11 south range 8 east, southeast corner of Parcel 5-6-2, as defined Acquisition Plan of Louisiana Department of Highways by H. Hunter White, Jr., to Lavignebaker Petroleum, LLC, $300,000.00.

Lot # 10 in tract # 2 and Lot #11 tract # 2 of Cornland Plantation by Marie Irma Hebert Millet to Earl Joseph Millet, Jr., Donation.

Lot # 6 commencing at a point 364.03 feet from the intersection of the Ory-Hammond Highway and a 40 foot road, in a subdivision of a portion of original farm lot 7 of Woodland Plantation by Ignatius N. Montalbano, Sr., to Gloria S. Montalbano, the sum of $10.00.

Lot # 6 commencing at a point 364.03 feet from the intersection of the Ory-Hammond Highway and a 40 foot road in a subdivision of a portion of Original Farm lot 7 of Woodland Plantation by Gloria S. Montalbano to the Gloria S. Montalbano Revocable Living Trust, Donation.

Lot 79 & 80 Ridgewood Development, Parcel G2 Riverwood Subdivision, by Johnny E. Rivers and wife Renee Armand Rivers to James M. Jennings and wife Betty Waller Jennings, $270,000.00.

JUNE 9, 2008 TO JUNE 20, 2008


Lafitte Drive 2101 by Randy Lynn Laguna and Jacqueline Rose mire Laguna to Alissa Johnson Cureau and Kenneth Ray Cureau, Sr., $161,000.00.

Country Club Drive 2336 by Harry Rothman Dyson and Mary Beth Sylvester Dyson to Cleveland Cobb, III, $233,000.00.

Fairway Drive 405 by Cynthia Joshua Knight and Vernett P. Knight to Vernett P. Knight, Jr., $150,000.00.

North Sugar Ridge Road 2100, by Beth Beecher, wife of /and Arthur P. Downing, Jr., to Vera Sharlow Martin, $135,000.00.

Pardino Street 24 by Melissa M. Savoye, wife of /and Stephen Switzer to Shane J. Duhe, $187,500.00.

Lakewood Drive 116 from Roberta Oosthuizen Bouchon and Wayne J. Bouchon to William W. Goetzee, $305,000.00.

South Golfview Drive 628 by Douglas J. O’Reilly to Patrivia A. Gordon, $147,500.00.

Southwest corner of Fagot Subdivision by Mary Philyaw Locke to John Tran, , $5,000.00.


NW2nd Street 619 by Karr Builders, Inc. to St. John the Baptist Parish, $37,000.00.


Portion of ground together with all the improvement thereon, etc., BD by Tigerville Lane and the Estate of Adam Haydel, by Eula Bovie Mitchell to Aaron Norris Bovie, Donation (no dollar amount).


West 13th Street 293, Donation by Anna M. S. Julien and John L. Julien to Tammy L. Julien, property value at $10,000.00.

West 12th Street 165 by Gail Honore Conish to Gary C. Watson, Jr. and Gary M. Watson, $65,000.00.

Tract 2A of Morvant Subdivision by Kerri Falgoust Morvant, wife of /and Kenny J. Morvant to J.B. Falgoust Farms, L.L.C, $15,000.00.