Published 12:00 am Friday, July 11, 2008

MAY 19, 2008 TO MAY 23, 2008


Virginian Colony Drive 2644 by John Winkelman, III, a/k/a Jack Winkelman and Linda N. Wildelman to Sharonda Lynn Mitchell, $94,900.00.

Essex Avenue 3040, by Condra Nicole Magee to Malita M. Vinnett, $65,000.00.

Bellevue 1305, by Otta Leo Walker and Patricia Ann Harden Walker to Ingrid Niesha Norah, $154,000.00.

Lafreniere Drive 1511 by Noah Peter Boudreaux, III, Debra Ann Boudreaux Davis, Nicole Boudreaux Goodwin and Jennifer Lynn Boudreaux Chauvin to Daryl Joseph Means, $147,000.00.

Madewood Drive 768 by John Franklin McKinney to Carole Keyse Decker and Dawn Decker Chapman, $153,000.00.

Lilly Street 1111-1113 by Barry James Triche, Gary Aubry Triche, Sr., and Clarence Gabin Triche, Sr., to Ponte Vecchio Developments, LLC, $127,000.00.

S. Pass Drive 340 by Timothy S. Madden and Ethel Ullo Madden to Wallace C. Schief and Lucille L. (Patterson) Schief, $279,500.00.

Devon Road 122 by Gloria M. Johnson Bourgeois to Drena Ann Bourgeois Beck, $180,000.00.

Lot # 8, Square B, LaPlace Heights Subdivision by Campbell Partners, LLC to Leslie Fremin Anderson, $30,000.00.


Roccaforte 605, by Chad W. Ryan to Paul C. Labiche, III, $126,900.00.


Rue St. James110 by Opal Keith Williams to Connie Loftis Kurz-Mabry and Grafton Mabry, $110,00.00.


Lot #31 St. Martin Subdivision by Faith Builders, LLC to Bruce E. Young and Charlene Stemley Young, $12,000.00.