Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 3, 2008

MAY 12, 2008 TO MAY 16, 2008


Oxbow 204 by Reve, Inc. to Angela Augustine Germany, $319,900.00.

South Pass Drive 359 from Landcraft, Inc., to Keisha Franklin, wife of /and Durintay Raymour Myers, $305,900.00.

English Colony Drive 1837 by Lucille Patterson, wife of /and Wallace C. Schief to Victorine Augusta, wife of /and Barry Hanson, $166,500.00.

Lot 104 Belle Terre Links Subdivision, Phase IV by Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $265,000.00.

West 5th Street 349 by Clarence G. Triche, Gary Triche and Barry Triche to George S. Cambias, IV, $131,500.00.

West 5th Street 349 by George S. Cambias, IV and Nicole S. Green, Donation.

Pinehurst Drive 2136 by Jermaine Roussell to Charmaine Angeline Tai Johnson, wife of /and Alvah Anthony Johnson, $195,000.00.

Camphor Drive 426 by Shannon Kathleen McTopy Miano, wife of /and Damian Drew Miano to Kathy Bascle Muro, wife of /and Gregory P. Muro, $65,000.00.


Lot 70, Square G, Belle Terre Two, St. Andrews Estates, Phase II by Calandria R. Palmer to Myrtle Palmer, wife of /and Ray Palmer, $165,000.00.


Section 32, T11S, R6E, being a portion of Reserve Plantation, by First Baptist Church of Gramercy, Louisiana to First Baptist Church of Reserve, Louisiana, $1.00.

West 19th Street 356 or Star Road 356 and Block 9 by Industrial Park by Mauser Corporation to Ten-G, LLC, $2,150,000.00.

NW 1st Street 128 by Mers, Inc. to Rhonda Gordon, $39,000.00.

Northwest Third Street 450 by Todd J. Perilloux and Jan Sevin Perilloux to Carlos Efrain Sandoval and Eliseo Randy Jordan, $180,000.00.


Section 14 & 15, T 11 S, R 6 E forming part of Glencoe Plantation by Rainell Denise Anderson and Ronza Joseph Anderson, Donors to Mary Ann Butler Anderson, Donee.


Georgine Drive 149 by Minoo Davar to Mandy Masoudeh Fadakar, wife of /and Farhad Fadakar, Donation property value at $10,000.00.