Three generations of LaPlace family exercising together with regular workout

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Staff Reporter

LAPLACE – Maggie Ingersoll doesn’t look 78 years old, especially not when she’s busting a move at Jazzercise in her spunky workout attire. But even more notable is that Ingersoll is the oldest of three generations of women in her family to work out at Jazzercise.

Ingersoll’s daughter, Sharon Blanchard, 57, and granddaughter, Shannon Simoneaux, 35, join her a few times a week to break a sweat together.

And they’re all hooked.

“We love it here,” Simoneaux says. “It’s a good way to unwind and it helps with weight reduction.”

Susie Aubert, owner and class manager at LaPlace Jazzercise, says the women make up the first generational trio she’s had in four years. Ingersoll is also the oldest patron Aubert has had in any of her classes.

But that hasn’t done much to keep her away.

At least three days a week, Ingersoll heads over to the LaPlace Jazzercise near Riverbend Lanes for a rigorous workout, and Simoneaux and Blanchard join her as often as they can.

   “It’s a stress reliever for me and it’s a lot of fun.”

Asked whether she thought she was too old to keep up with her family and the other women at Jazzercise, Ingersoll shrugged and said: “You’re never too old to do what you want to do.”