Statewide, students show gains on standardized tests

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 20, 2008


News Editor

The results for the spring LEAP and GEE tests were recently released, and many educators around the River Parishes have much to smile about although some may have more work ahead of them than others.

Across the state, LEAP scores showed significant improvement over last year. Leap is the test all fourth and eighth graders must pass before being promoted. Scores on the LEAP Test fall into five categories: Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic and Unsatisfactory.

“In fourth grade English and in math, our greatest gains were in students who showed Mastery of the subject material,” said State Superintendent of Education Paul G. Pastorek.

Improvements on the eighth grade level were not as pronounced, but that was probably in part because of higher promotional standards, which were implemented last year.

Results from the Graduation Exit Exam, or GEE, did not show the same level of improvement, with most overall scores rising slightly or remaining the same.

The GEE is a test all students in Louisiana public high schools must pass before receiving a diploma. Scoring is done in the same way as for the LEAP.

Students in the River Region generally followed statewide trends, though to varying degrees.