Riverlands defeats Sun Villa, stays in tie for first

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 20, 2008


Sports Editor

Riverlands Coach Carla Lambert says that she feels like her team’s been in mid-season form since the Stingrays’ very first meet.

Her team’s done nothing but further that notion in the past week.

Riverlands moved to 3-0 on Monday after defeating host Sun Villa, 406-138.

The Stingrays sit in a virtual tie with Larayo (4-0) at the top of the River Parish Swim League, after winning their first three meets in decisive fashion.

Riverlands Coach Carla Lambert feels her team is further along than it was at this point last year.

“I feel like our team’s gotten better. It’s improved from last season,” Lambert said. “Even when the kids jump into the water, they look real good. Their times are good.”

She attributes much of it to increased commitment.

“I’ve had more kids attending practice than any other year, and it’s showing,” she said.

Jeffery Cupit, Matt Torres, Kyle Wilking, and Merryn Guidry all made a big impact, winning three individual events each.

Riverlands took a 79-29 lead after the freestyle events, and coasted from there. The Stingrays scored 88 in the backstroke, 69 in the breaststroke, and 65 in the butterfly.

Riverlands closed the event out by scoring a combined 107 points in the relay events.

Stingrays who won two events included Will Torres, Trey Catorie, Sarah Carambat, Grace Richoux, Elise Loisel, Stevie Noyes, and Maddie Guidry.

Rounding out the Riverlands’ first place winners were: Jack Chapman, Daniel Jaubert, Patrick Cupit, Erik Hoss, Trey Guidry, Anna Guidry, Olivia Hajaz, and Macie Waguespack.

For Sun Villa, first place winners included: Nathan Schexnaydre, Brieanne Perry, Peyton Steib, Kaileigh Landry, Breanne Perez, and Elijah Duhe.