School performs unique fire safety course

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HHS Students in Mr. Dennis Robbins Fire Safety class finished a unit on fire hose handling with a barrel push activity. 

The students in groups of two, put on full bunker gear, and competed against each other trying to push a 5 gallon bucket along a cable to the other groups’ end of the cable.  This activity teaches the students to hold and accurately control the hose nozzle while pushing the bucket to the end of the cable.  Students gain valuable experience in a controlled setting using a fire hose with the same pressure that is used when fighting an actual fire. 

Volunteers Jeff Raia and Chris Boros from the Hahnville VFD and Chief Jamie Cortez from the Des Allemands VFD helped control this activity safely and with the proper procedures using the hose.