Larayo takes two over Sun Villa, Ellington

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Sports Editor    

Larayo continues to plow through its competition.

The Barracudas defeated host Sun Villa on Thursday, 423 to 113, and host Ellington last Monday, 444-96, to move to 3-0 on the season.

The Barracudas are in first place in the River Parish Swim League, a half game ahead of second place Riverlands, which sits at 2-0 after already having a bye week.

Larayo took a 86 to 22 lead on Sun Villa after the freestyle event. That lead grew to 147-51 after the backstroke, and to 228 – 78 after the breaststroke.

Larayo scored 76 in the butterfly, and a combined 119 in the relays to round out its scoring.

Larayo Coach Michelle Jensen said that her younger kids showed a great deal of promise and ability in the meet.

“Our six and unders are really coming along,” said Jensen. “The really young kids are improving their back and breaststrokes, as well as the eight and under group. Every day, I’m seeing improvement.”

Luke Brouwer, Alex East, Will East, Austin Matherne, Meredith Keating, Maggie Trepagnier, and Kaila Klibert all had dominant individual performances in the Sun Villa meet, winning three events each.

Ben East and Kaila Klibert each took two first place finishes.

Against Ellington, Brouwer, Jordan Jensen, Brandon Klibert, Matherne, Olivia Keating, and Maggie Trepagnier all won three events.

Kaila Klibert, Meredith Keating, Paige Williams, Spencer Rodriguez, Kelsie Williams, and Will East all captured two first place finishes.

Against Ellington, Larayo scored 83 in the freestyle event; 77 in the backstroke; 98 in the breaststroke; 74 in the butterfly; and 112 in the relays.

Larayo quickly had to turn their attention to LaVacharie on Monday, a team talented enough to make a push for the top three in the league. Results will be in the next issue.

“We can’t let our guards down,” Jensen said.