Council corrects its own senior moment

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Staff reporter

LAPLACE – After a slight spelling snafu regarding the namesakes of the building, the Frank G. Lapeyrolerie/Leola Montz Council on Aging Activity Center is now operating with the correct names on the front façade.

The center had been open about a year before the name of Leola Montz was added to the nameplate of the building in 2007. In the haste to get her name attached, Montz’s first name was mistakenly spelled with an “N” instead of a second “L.” St. John Parish administrators at the time attributed the mishap to an incorrect pronunciation of the name.

Activity Center Director Cheryl Parquet said the mistake was unfortunate, but it didn’t take anything away from what the facility has to offer.

“We were all happy when the correction was made though,” said Parquet.