Tech college teaches product testing

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Staff Reporter

SORRENTO – Ever wonder how manufacturers test their products for safety without taking the product apart? They do it by employing specially trained workers who use highly technological non-invasive tests called nondestructive tests.

Right now the field of Non-Destructive Examination Technology has a high demand for workers.

Since its implementation in April of 2007 the Non-Destructive Examination Technology Certificate has proven to be an extremely successful program at the Louisiana Technical College in Sorrento. The program is one of only two offered in the state.

The six month long program teaches students how to test industrial products for strength and safety standards.

Instructor Ernie Hansen teaches students in every aspect of the program including testing programs, welding, math and computer literacy.

Hansen said since LTC began offering the certificate, every student who has been involved with the program, graduate or not, has received a job in the field.

“Everybody that is going to come through is going to get a job,” said Hansen. “The demand is that high.”

Hansen said the average beginning wage for a Non-Destructive Examiner is $16- $20 an hour, but as the worker gains experience pay goes up.

“The good ones are making somewhere in $28 range,” said Hansen. “One gentlemen I taught is making $3600 a week.”

Non-Destructive Examiners inspect products from a range of industry including automotive parts, aviation parts, construction projects, machine parts, industrial plants, railways, amusement park rides, ships and much more.

Hansen said the application of Non-Destructive Examining touches every aspect of our lives.

The next Non-Destructive Examination Technology class is set to start in July 2008. Prospective students are required to have a high school diploma or GED before entrance into the program.

More information can be provided by contacting Student Affairs Louisiana Technical College at (225)675-5397 or on the web at