There’s lots happening at St. Timothy’s

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dental Hygentist Holly Hymel paid a visit to the preschoolers at St. Timothy’s Episcopal School (top left). She told them all about caring for their teeth and the importance of visiting the dentist. Shown with Mrs. Hymel are students (l-r) Brooke Forsythe, Ava Carambat, Jessica Basilides and Rustin West. Kamryn Madere, Emily Schexnayder, Wendi Bray and Lexie Guedry (left middle), portray astronauts with homemade astronaut helmets as part of their study of the universe. Many of the three-year-old students at St. Timothy’s celebrated the start of spring with a Silly Hat Day bottom left). Showing off their silly hats are students (l-r) Rylee Schexnayder, Alex Eilers, Gabrielle Treas, and Lauren Weber. Students at St. Timothy’s celebrated the start of spring by planting flowers for their moms (above).  Shown here preparing their plants are students Maggie Powell and Ryan Laiche with their teacher Melanie Pilotte. Linette St. Martin recently visited the preschoolers at Timothy’s School (right middle). She told the children all about her job as a nurse and also showed them some of the instruments she uses in her job.  Shown here having her heart checked is student Jeanne St. Martin. Owen Alack (bottom right), a three-year-old student at St. Timothy’s Preschool, takes his turn on the rings during a recent TumbleBus visit. Mrs. Connie Bourgoyne and her assistant Jodi Pareti (shown in the back) led

gymnastic exercises with the children.