United Way’s Katrina-era leader departs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LULING – After more than 2 years as Executive Director of the United Way of St. Charles (UWSC), Denise Brodsky has announced her intention to resign from her position in order to pursue new opportunities in Kentucky.

Ms. Brodsky became UWSC’s first full-time Executive Director in August 2005, just as Hurricane Katrina struck southeast Louisiana and less than one month into Ms. Brodsky’s tenure with the agency. In addition to the challenges associated with relocating from out of state and taking on a newly created position, she also faced unprecedented challenges for UWSC presented in the aftermath of Katrina.

UWSC has experienced tremendous growth in every facet of the organization during Ms. Brodsky’s tenure. Donations and allocations have grown significantly since Brodsky began serving the citizens of St. Charles Parish and the region. Among many milestones achieved under her watch, UWSC has completely transformed itself from a direct impact agency dealing with immediate needs to a true community impact organization focusing on long-term solutions.

Ms. Brodsky plans to remain in the position until a new Executive Director is selected. As she stated in her address to the United Way Board during the January 2008 meeting, “I have served the organization through its transformation with great pride and am humbled by the vast outpouring of community support, both personally and on behalf of the agency, that we have received during my tenure. The relationships cultivated during my stay here have added to the success of our United Way. As I move on to pursue my personal and professional goals, I remain committed and focused on the Board’s vision and mission. Our organization is at an important crossroad and now more than ever it is critical to maintain continuity and stay on track with our community impact agenda.”

“Denise Brodsky has been a tireless leader for the UWSC and a strong advocate for all areas of our community,” said Mark Keiser, Board President of the United Way of St. Charles.

Stated Dennis Nuss, UWSC’s immediate Past President and current Vice President, “Denise’s leadership and style has been a model for others to emulate. It’s been an honor for me to work with Denise. She will be missed.”

The UWSC plans to begin the process of filling the position immediately.